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Professor Dr. Rolando Omar Benenzon  

Curriculum Vitae


Born in Buenos Aires in the year 1939, Prof. Dr. Benenzon is the world’s leader in the field of Music Τherapy, in the professiona trinningand its application in autism, in patients in coma and with Alzheimer. He is Psychiatrist of the Medical School of Buenos Aires. He studied Psychoanalysis and psycho-dramatic techniques. He is also a musician and a composer.



Professional History

  • From 1966 until today, he is a consultant Doctor of the Psychiatric Department of the Municipal Hospital José María Penna.

  • Supervisor of therapeutic communities with serious disturbances of behavior and of code of conduct:

    • Local Government of La Pampa (Ruca- Antun)

    • Therapeutic Community, Naranjito, Mendoza

    • Instituto de Nivelación Psicopedagógica (Institute of Psychopedagogia Levelling) of Buenos Aires

    • Quinta El Alba (Parent Association).




Academic History

  • 1966. Established the degree of Musictherapy at the Medical School of the University Universidad del Salvador of Buenos Aires, of which he was Principal until 1986.

  • 1982. Chaired the World Conference for the Isolated Child and for the Isolation respectively (Argentina).

  • 1987. Chaired the World Conference for the Isolated Child and for the Isolation respectively (France).

  • 1995. Chaired the World Conference for the Isolated Child and for the Isolation respectively (Italy).

  • Supervisor at the Musictherapy training school of the conservatoire Conservatorio Brasileiro de Música in Rio de Janeiro, of the faculty Faculdade Marcelo Tupinamba in Sao Paolo (Brazil), of the laboratory Atelier MBDX Bordeaux (France), of music research centers CRM in Napoli  (Italy) και CIM in στο Bilbao (Spain), of the Musictherapy School of Neuchatel (Switzerland) and of the association Associacione Anni Verdi in Rome  (Italy).

  • 1996 – until today: Principal of the school Scuola di Formazione in Musicoterapia de Anni Verdi in Rome (Italy).

  • Conducted 1250 seminars in more than 150 cities and 25 countries worldwide.

  • Co-founder of the Musictherapy Association of Brazil, Uruguay, Perou, Mexico, Ecuador, Spain and Venezuela.  

  • Co-founder of the World Federation of Musictherapy, of which he was the first president. Today he is an Honorary Member of it.

  • Chaired the II’ World Conference of Music Therapy.

  • In the field of special needs, he founded the model farm for the cohabitation of various serious special needs «ASANA» (Association for the Help to the Isolated Child or, in Spanish, Asociación de Ayuda al Niño Aislado), Escobar, Buenos Aires (Argentina).

  • Professor of the School of Human Studies, Psychology Degree of the University  Universidad de Belgrano –Buenos Aires.

  • Professor of postgraduate studies at the University John F. Kennedy.

  • Coordinator of the Permanent Assembly for the Study and Research of Isolation.  

  • 1998. Co-President of the VI World conference for the Isolation (Rome-Italy) - Catholic University del Sacro Cuore.

  • Official supervisor of musictherapy of the Italian Confederation of Musictherapy Associations.

  • Founder of Benenzon Musictherapy Foundation - for the community health - (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

  • Honorary Professor of the Medical School of the University Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires).



As researcher he coordinates international programs:

  • «The Application of Musictherapy in Patients in Coma» University of Torino, Italy and in Brazil.

  • «The Application of Musictherapy in Patients with psychosis, serious mental incapacity and alzheimer», Istituto del Sospiro (Cremona) Torino, Italy.

  • «Improvement of the quality of life in the waiting rooms of out-patient clinics», Hospital Hospital José María Penna, Buenos Aires (Argentina).




Author: Prof. Dr. Rolando O. Benenzon


Has written many books inter alia the following:

La Nueva Musicoterapia (The New Music Therapy), revised and extended edition.

  • Publishing house Numen
  • With the collaboration of Violeta de Gainza and of Gabriela Wagner.


Manual de Musicoterapia (Music Therapy Guide)

  • Published in Spanish from the publishing house Paidos Iberica.
  • Translated in English, publishing house Charles Thomas Publischer (II’ edition).
  • In German, publishing house Kösel.
  • In Portuguese, publishing house Enelivros.
  • In Italian, publishing house Borla.
  • In French, publishing house Privat.


Musicoterapia en la psicosis infantil (Music Therapy in Child Psychosis)

  • In Spanish, publishing house Paidos.
  • Translated in English, publishing house Charles Thomas Publischer.


Teoría de la Musicoterapia (Theoria of Music Therapy)

  • In Spanish, publishing house Mandala – Barcelona.
  • In French, publishing house AMBX.
  • In Italian, publishing house Phoenix.
  • In Portuguese, publishing house Summus.


Los discapacitados y nosotros (Persons with disabilities and us)

  • In Spanish, publishing house San Pablo – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Translated in Portuguese.


Autismo, Institución, Familia y Musicoterapia (Autism, Institution, Family and Music Therapy)

  • Publishing house Phoenix – Italy.
  • In Portuguese, publishing house Enelivros.


Sonido, Comunicación, Terapia (Ήχος, Επικοινωνία, Θεραπεία)

  • With the collaboration of Violeta de Gainza and of Gabriela Wagner.
  • In Spanish, publishing house Amaru- Salamanca, Spain.


La nueva Musicoterapia (The New Music Therapy)

  • Publishing house Lumen – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • In Italian, publishing house Phoenix. (
  • ISBN 88-86732-21-X


Created a collection for its reading by parents and children called «Colección del Regreso» («Collection of Return»), of which he wrote the first two books:


1. El regreso de El Principito (The return of the Little Prince), Publishing house San Pablo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2. El regreso de Peter Pan (The return of Peter Pan), Publishing house San Pablo, Buenos Aires, Argentina,


Musicoterapia; Esperienze di supervisione (Music Therapy, supervision experiences)


Aplicaciones clínicas de la Musicoterapia (Clinical applications of Music Therapy)

  • Publishing house Lumen, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2000.
  • Acquiring of the book


Musicoterapia – De la teoría a la práctica (Music Therapy, from the theory to practice)

  • Publishing house Paidos, Barcelona, 2000.


Musicoterapia e Coma  (Music Therapy and Coma) (

  • Publishing house Phoenix -Italy 2002-
  • ISBN 88-86732-69-4


Manual de Musicoterapia (Capítulo 1-8 ) (Music Therapy Guide, Chapters 1 - 8)

  • Translated in Korean. Hans Medical Publishing. Seoul, Korea, 2003.


La musicothérapie. La part oubliée de la personnalité ( Music Therapy. The forgotten place of the personality)


Viver em comunidade (um caminho para evitar o apocalipse e melhorar a qualidade de vida no século XXI)

(Life in a community, a road for the avoidance of discovery and for the improvement of the quality of life in the 21st century)



  • «Doctor Honoris Causa» - School Marcelo Tupinamba – Federal Republic of Brazil.

  • «Croix de la Charite» of the Military Order Ordre Militaire et Hospitalier de Saint Lazare de Jerusalem.

  • Award «Dr. Pedro Chutro» of the Asociación Profesionales Universitarios de la Salud Hospital José María Penna, for his work «Isolation and Information Technology»

  • Distinguished also as painter and received various awards for his sculptures against cloning.

  • Founder of the «Argentinean School of Music Therapy» (Escuela Argentina de Musicoterapia, EAM)

  • 1999. Received the award «Excellence» as a world pioneer of Music Therapy at the 9th World Congress of Music Therapy (Washington) by The World Federation of Music Therapy and by The American Music Therapy Association. The Benenzon Model was recognized as one of the 5 most important worldwide.



He produced three documentaries:

  • «This immense loneliness». Won the praise award for best scientific film, World Conference for the Isolated Child.  

  • «You can: lets try it together». Won the praise award for best scientific film for parents.

  • «Autism, the memory of non-verbal» presented at the First International Exhibition for Music in Torino, Italy, 1996.

  • Manifesto against Cloning


Antonio Chiavetti writes the following words regarding the creations of Prof. Dr. Rolando Benenzon:

« Plastic??? artist of undeniable personality and deep authenticity, in “Manifesto 1” against cloning states his rejection which derives from his high human emotion that is also transparent in almost all his works, which he created with talented inventiveness and with the peculiarities of his expression, which answer in some way to formative gravities of his era. No real artist is stranger to the effects of his environment and from the moment that he develops and externalizes his need to transmit his creativity through his works. His sensitiveness is permeable in the propositions of his era and is identified with the quests, trials, ambitious experiences, present through his sensitivity and his fantasies.


Benenzon is not only a pioneer, he sunk in his own topicality, that creates his works with magical austerity congested from inside and outside with everything that represents the narrow reality he lives with his most genuine feelings.  

It ought to be noted that it is not common for one to see plastic artists imagining and realizing their works with suspicious elements useful for the creation of an art work and through them to transmit their message. The development of small thighs through the language or from plastic arts is poetic attitude.  

Unquestionably, one needs great talent in order to use completely average objects and one-use objects to elevate them into the level of noble materials usually utilized by artists in their works.  

It is also not that the professionalism, the pure attention and the love by which Benenzon created the large collection of works that express the absolute rejection of cloning stated in «Manifesto No 1». Rolando Benenzon is a psychiatrist and founder of the Musictherapy Degree of the Medical School of University Universidad del Salvador.

His constant speeches and lectures in Europe regarding his expertise have given him significant international prestige.

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