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The Benenzon International Academy was founded as a need of consolidating and solid foundation of everything that Prof. R. O. Benenzon with a lot of effort accumulated within 50 years of continuous research and scientific course.


Didactic of Benenzon Therapy is a high level educational training system   formulated by Dr. Benenzon and Magister Maria Vasiliou for the purpose of completion of the therapist’ education and/ or for the training of educational institutions, community organizations and health bodies aiming at the development of their competence in the non-verbal communication.     




The Benenzon Academy marks the beginning of a new era of evolution and enrichment of the model. The Benenzon Academy lays solid foundations in the education of this model and the training of a Benenzon therapist. In this way, the continuation of the safeguarding and shielding of the ideology, development and freedom of the model will be ensured.


  • The Benenzon Academy consists of two (2) countries of operation (official seats):

  1. Buenos Aires- Argentina

  2. Nicosia – Cyprus


  • The Academic program consists of three (3) parts of operation:

  1. Long-distance

  2. At the two countries of operation

  3. At the Benenzon centers/ Magister


The technological platform for Latin America and Europe is controlled by the managing group of the Academy in Cyprus. The main coordinator for both official seats is Magister Maria Vasiliou.

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